Saturday, 27 December 2008

We had xmas dinner and had to wear stupid hats. I lay down and watched my favorite film lassie.

Later in the day bri asked me ,if i would go to meet a young man with learing difficulties in a few weeks. This young man can not own a doggie but no one will let him walk any. Me and whiskey agreed to go, after Brian said were probably not fostering anymore.....YEAH.

Anyway i think i know who santa is, whos ruddolph and whos the elf.I think he has a shed on wheels which he sprinkles magic dust on and it changes into a magical sledge. Bri said santa has a blog he does in his own time, but he has been that busy-and tired at his deliverys that he hasnt done it since 23rd


Martha Basset said...

It's a busy time of year for Santa right enough. I expect he will catch up with his blog in the New Year!

Bobby said...

EyI have been very busy I am glad I could trust you. I could see you were a gaurd. The shed is back on its wheels now. cheeky, The fairy dust is just that, gatherd all yeat.