Sunday, 7 December 2008

I got up quite early today and thought to myself - I carnt carry on calling bri and liz what i do now and thinkin about it i have been here over 18 months. So am going to call them mam and dad all the time now.

we went out and got our tree, i really enjoyed watching Mam and Dad decorate it.i told them that we needed a fairy on top and should i put whiskey up there.Dad said no. well find an angel.It set me thinking about taz .This will be our first xmas without her.


Bobby said...

Do you know why we put an angle ontop of the xmas tree.
After Santa had a real bad day, the angel came with the tree and said Santa where should I put the tree, so Santa told her where to stick it. we have stuck it there ever since.
Glad you got the tree. Brian comments about my viagra, dont say it was not you it is not nice to mock the afflicted

Bobby said...

John here I would be happy if Brenda got a new home for xmas I have more chance of homing Bob Martha and Tilly than Brenda