Saturday, 26 April 2008

Bruno the nice boy with a bad habit

A couple of days ago, mam and dad were talking, and they said they were going to stop fostering dogs. I thought, yipeeeeee, more time for us. Anyway, Mam rang Lynne and told her, Lynne was great about it, as mam does something called the website, and Lynne thought it would give more time for that. WELL LYNN, what happened two hours later???? A phone call (More talking) that is what. Then the next day along comes Bruno. However, I have to say he is a lovely little chap, I like the older ones. BUT he is so funny, to a point where he is quite rude. He is a nice guy, but has a very bad habit; when he has his breakfast and tea, he does rude thing to his dog blanket, and it lasts for about 1-hour. When I saw him doing this, I had to put my paws over my eyes, I simply do not know how his blanket has out stood the test of time, mind there are a few holes in it.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Evil, Rodney or the trotters

Another update from the trotters, sorry mean evils new mam and dad:-

Hi there again guys, Hope you are all well, and you are not missing baby too much! As promised a picture of the boys - chasing each other around the garden. They get on so well and it is a treat to see them playing. Rodney is learning quickly from Derick and we have had some sucessful garden 1's and 2's. He is enjoying his walks and wants to be friends with anyone who walks past.

god luck little man, I am sure you have a full happy life in frount of you xx

Monday, 21 April 2008

Evil is now rodney

Had to laugh, big style today, mam got an e-mail, evil Buster is now called Rodney. Well you may think, what is funny about that, the funny thing is, their other dog is called derrick, so derrick and Rodney (well I know who the fools were, but where are the horses) Anyway, don’t think we will see Rodney again as this family seem totally smitten, and think mam will have another person to speak to on the phone, more talking xxx

But here is the e-mail from evil now Rodney's new owners:-

Hi Liz,
Just to keep you updated.Rodney (Buster) had a really busy day yesterday, after his journey home he went play crazy, he tried to climb in the dishwasher to lick the food slops, and didn't really give a toot when i told him 'No'. Derick keeps informing him that he is in charge and in true style Rodney does not seem to either notice or care - to the stage where Rodney did a flying jump off the sofa and straight on to Derrick flattening him (and i really think this was on purpose). At 8pm he crashed and did not even open his eyes when i put his ear drops in. This morning he woke up and i took him in the garden to the toilet, he sat down and looked at me for a good 10 minutes, i kept telling him that he needed to go wee wee so he looked at me as if i had compleatly lost the plot and found some dead leaves and rolled in them for a while. He came in and did a poo and 3 wee wee's today all on his mat which is great. We have not seen much of his face as it has been buried in the toy box for most of the morning with occassional squeekies and stuffed toys coming flying out until he found the golden egg - a cheewy bone! (It was all he had left to chew because both myself and gavin have nearly lost 6 fingers between us and have now taken to wearing gloves in the house!) We have left his cage in the sitting room this morning with the door open and he has been wandering in for a tinkle on the mat in there. We have absolutly fallen in love with him, and you can tell Taz that yes, i think we are mad as he is a complete monster looking for trouble wherever he goes.
Will keep you updated - tomorrow is walk day, we have got him a harness and put it on a couple of times for him to get used to it - however he just wants to eat it!
Kate, Gav and the boys

What is in a name

Just need to add this about Ned, now Glen as learnt something new today. A "ned" is Glasgow slang for a rude, unruly youth, that's why his new family thought he deserved his new name Glen. So, maybe this gentle giant got his lovely owners, if he was treat the way he is treat now, as a pup, he, maybe, would not have been looking for a forever home. Anyway, he is not now, as Glen has a home for life.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Evil has left the building

After yesterday’s sad news, well okay good news, but sad for me. Evil only gets a home, can you believe it, not only is someone mad enough to want him (Hope they are prepared for a life changing experience) they travelled a 700 mile, yes, 700 mile round trip. All of the years I have been on this earth, I still can not understand humans. I mean, okay travel for a gentle companion dog, but him ????. Anyway enough, as mam is getting annoyed, she said he was a baby, she also said that these people, from a place called Devon, were really nice and might not appreciate my suggestion that they need their heads seeing to. Apparently, little Buster will have a name change, I could suggest one, but The Omen comes to mind. My mam spoke to Buster’s new owners tonight and they are still in love with him, eehhhhhhhhhhhh, give it a few days, then get a life PLEASE. Anyway little chap, you have a long life ahead of you, so please enjoy it till your hearts content, I was sad to see you arrive, but hey, happy to see you go,. What next; mam seems to be avoiding answering the phone to Lynne, I wonder why ?????

Wow what a weekend, I am so tired today, have been walked of my legs with pips, sachsa and Jasper. For those of you who have read my blog so for - you will be quick to realise that there are some names missing. Please don’t worry about Whiskey, he has gone out for the day with the younger human. However, you may ask where did Benji go, he went to Cheshire, that is where, I do think it was quite selfish of mam and dad to let him leave us as he was my romantic old pal. But I did meet his new mam and dad and they wanted to sneak me into the car with them and Benji, well PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE, I DON’T THINK SO, even thought Benji is a charming chap, this place needs me, I mean really needs me, we still had baby last night, and, without be, buster, baby, evil, whatever his name is would run amuck.

Friday, 18 April 2008

After bad news come poss good news

Well just after the heartache of Benji possibily going to his new home (I will miss him) the good news comes along, mam has told me the the evil, well they call him baby, may go to his new home on Sunday, just waiting for the home check, please pass, that is all I have to say, mam say's don't worry, as there are many other people who want to give evil a home, do not understand why ????

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Benji may have a home

We have had good news and bad news today, good news for the old guy, Benji, he may have a home to go to on Saturday, mam has said they are lovely people and travelling from a place called cheshire. The bad news is that I will really miss this older man as he is such a gent and nothing like the tike, evil Buster

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

What now Buster or Evil

Good job we had a rest because now drama has arrived in the shape of the pest. Now I know I am getting on, but who can be bothered with the three month scamp who thinks his bed is a toilett, our dog tails are his fairground rides and the electric cables are for chewing. This is hard work, mam says he will not be here long, but I can not understand what stupid human would want to have their life turned upside-down by the pest. They have called him Buster, but I, personally think he is evil. He can not even walk outside yet, good job really, because if he could I would be tempted to nudge him into the beck, just to shut him up for a while.

Time for a break

As you all know, by the time Benji leave, we still had Ned, but soon after he went to his home. And guess what, we had a rest, three weeks yipeeeeeee.


Well Goldie went to her new home and I thought, lets have some rest, PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE, but no, that can not happen. Ned still her with my four friends and what happens, Benji, that is what happens. He was a pawz dog, but his owner was going into care, so he came here, Benji not his owner. Now here it is, I have told you about John and Brenda already, so after more pointless talking on the phone, Benji goes to stay with them for a while, as there was a possible home for him.

Goldie the Oldie

It was still winter and Ned was still here, when Mam told me that a local Vet had been in touch about and oldie, like me; Goldie was her name. Now this poor girl was taken to be put to sleep as the poor owner, who was elderly, could not keep her in his new accommodation, so what choice did I have, I told Mam to get her butt to the Vet and bring Goldie here. This was good advice on my part and she was a very gentle girl, and liked her walks, like me. Goldie was 12 years old and we thought she would be here for a while, but how untrue, a lady and her husband, who lives not too far away, adopted Goldie, she is now walking country walks and sleeps in the bedroom.

Big Ned

Hey ho, we had a quiet time for a few weeks, then guess what happened, we where nedded, big boy Ned, my fav of all times. He was such a softie, even put up with the pest, pippa. Ned had been let down as a pup, he was not given the lead training, so at 5 years old and 10 stone, he pulled quite a few people off their feet. He had lived with three foster carers, John being one and we know John and Brenda had also been nedded, they loved him dearly. Basically, we were lucky to have Ned with us (Only because we did not live very close to a city, so Ned could have lead training without the stress of lots of traffic), John and Brenda had worked really hard with Ned and he was walking better when he came. Intially, Ned was only coming for a short while, whilst John and Brenda were visiting family, but when they returned, John Brenda, Mam and Dad had a talk and they agreed Ned would stay here. Now John, Brenda, Mam and Dad are good friends and my mam seems to never be off the phone to them. This foster carry on is all about supporting each other and that seems to be what they do (I can not understand humans myself, why do they need to talk for hours). Anyway back to my Ned, this poor boy was with pawz for nearly 10 months, and we thought her would end up a permanent fixture here. But, unfortunately for me, these good people, from Scotland, met Ned and he is now living with them, they have even changed his name to Glen (Why, he is my Ned and always will be) I suppose if he is happy that is the main thing. My mam and dad seemed very sad when Ned left, I can understand this as he was fab, mam even cried, the big softy

Ruby the fireworks night dog

Ruby came to us two days before the dog dreaded fireworks night, her owner had simply thrown her out, so poor Ruby was very frightened of the loud noises. Anyway, we kept her safe and, slowly she began to blossom. Lynne told mam that Ruby was a poodle cross, but she seemed more like a patter dale, you need to watch Lynne, she told John that tod and meg were Yorkie crosses, he he he. That said, Lynn is super, she gives so much to Pawz for Thought and many of the volunteers feel, without Lynn there simply would not be pawz. Anyway back to Ruby, she did come out her shell and began to think she ruled the roost, so fortunately a very nice lady adopted Ruby, where she could have the attention all to herself

Friday, 11 April 2008

Penny the Pawz for Thought Dog

As for Penny, well after some silly people wanted to foster her, she found the right home. Penny lives with a great family, she goes to agility training every week with the young human child, they won an award, the little girl danced, then penny danced after her. Sad, I know, but this is what Penny needed and so much wanted.

what happend to paris

Well Paris stayed in the family, she was adopted by my human grandparents, spends her days either going on walks and rides in the car, or simply being spoilt to bits. Her nights are spend sleeping on my grandparents bed, the cheek, I mean, they are my relatives not hers, but, hey, good on them.

the next ones were paris and penny

So Sheana got her forever home, good for the old girl. Then, out of the blue, along came paris and penny. Both came from the same home, mam and dad said, they came from a very good home, but boy were they spoilt, Penny cried like a baby when she came and Paris, well she was so nervous, TLC was needed big style.

Sheena the oldie Poodle

We did not even get a nights rest, when Lynne, the Director of Pawz for Thought, called mam and dad and said she had a poodle who, if Pawz did not rescue, was going to be put to sleep, now she was younger than me, so why should she cross the bridge if she did not need to. So sheena came to stay with us for a while. She was a lively gentle girl, deaf, but this caused her no problems, after some treatment for her ears and teeth, Sheena found her forever home in Nottingham, with a very nice lady. Sheena now lives on chicken and tuna and is very spoilt, so she should be. Just think, this girl would not be living such a high life if rescues, like Pawz for Thought, were not around.

Sally and Molly

We all moved to a more rural area in May 2007, and in June two daschound sisters found themselves in need, Sally and Molly. These two were an experience and a half, they had not had a good start and did not know a lot of rules, so it was up to me to show them. Anyway, these girls got lovely homes, but poor Molly sadly died, last year, (Both mum and dad cried about this) But I think it was comforting, however, to know she had died having more love in her life at the end. Sally, is still living with her new family, and her boarder collie friend.

Two oldies in Need

Mam had a call when at work, an old man has sadly died leaving his two dogs, who were in the police pound and would be taken to a local dog pound. Pawz for Thought agreed to rescue these doggies. Anyway when mam and dad went to the police station the doggies had escaped. So after a 2 hour search, we found them and Bruno and Snowy lived with us for a short while. Snowy went to a lovely home with a retired couple and Bruno went to live with a lovely family, with a cat and rabbits

Pawz for thought foster

We then had a lovely little dog, for a short while, her name was poppy, we have not picture of her. Anyway, she needed a foster space as her owners just did not want her. Poppy found a lovely home and is now living a very spoilt life, as all dogs should in my opinion

Pawz for Thought

As if this lot did not have enough, they found a rescue called Pawz for Thought and saw an older dog on the website and felt they could offer a home. Anyway, that did not happen, before I knew it we have had lots of foster dogs with us, two have stayed however, the fist, whiskey, he is a cool guy and quite clever and very entertaining:-


Six months further on and Pippa came to us. She was six months old and a very nervous girl. Well now she isn’t,; quite a Madame really, most days I can not tolerate her (Well that is what the humans think) really it is my way of keeping her right:-


Well Jasper joined us 3 years ago, he was a kennel dog, found roaming the streets. Jasper was quite a naughty boy when he came and I had to work hard to keep him in place. Anyway with love, TLC, and being put in his place of course, he is now a great little fellow, likes to bark and pretends he is a top dog, but underneath he is a real soft soul, he is my good pal and washes my ears, when I let him of course

When the new family arrived

Tutsie arrived 1 year after me, she was brought in be tuppence, as a very small kitten, her owners had moved away, leaving tutsie to roam the streets. She is now 14 years old and still going strong:-

my family then

So my family then consisted of, me (Of course) Barney the Lab (He sadly crossed over the bridge 4 years ago) Tuppence the Cat (He sadley crossed over the bridge 6 years ago) Sascha the rotti (She sadley crossed over the bridge 6 years ago). I loved all of my family and miss then dearly, I was the mammy of the pack. My human family were Bri, Liz, Gemma and Sean, Gemma no longer lives with us, she flew the nest 3 years ago and bought her own house, I still see Gemma when she visits and love her to bits.

About Me Taz

Hi everyone, my name is Taz, I am 16 years old. I have created this blog so people can read about my life and the doggies in need, both past and present. I came to my home some 14 years ago, adopted from North East Animals at Risk (NEAR). NEAR rescued me as my owners were emigrating and took me and my doggy friend to the vets to be put to sleepy. Mt doggy friend got a home very quick (Hello Pepper wherever you may be) but I waited a while longer. Anyway my human family came along and I went to live with them and their animal family.