Monday, 21 April 2008

Evil is now rodney

Had to laugh, big style today, mam got an e-mail, evil Buster is now called Rodney. Well you may think, what is funny about that, the funny thing is, their other dog is called derrick, so derrick and Rodney (well I know who the fools were, but where are the horses) Anyway, don’t think we will see Rodney again as this family seem totally smitten, and think mam will have another person to speak to on the phone, more talking xxx

But here is the e-mail from evil now Rodney's new owners:-

Hi Liz,
Just to keep you updated.Rodney (Buster) had a really busy day yesterday, after his journey home he went play crazy, he tried to climb in the dishwasher to lick the food slops, and didn't really give a toot when i told him 'No'. Derick keeps informing him that he is in charge and in true style Rodney does not seem to either notice or care - to the stage where Rodney did a flying jump off the sofa and straight on to Derrick flattening him (and i really think this was on purpose). At 8pm he crashed and did not even open his eyes when i put his ear drops in. This morning he woke up and i took him in the garden to the toilet, he sat down and looked at me for a good 10 minutes, i kept telling him that he needed to go wee wee so he looked at me as if i had compleatly lost the plot and found some dead leaves and rolled in them for a while. He came in and did a poo and 3 wee wee's today all on his mat which is great. We have not seen much of his face as it has been buried in the toy box for most of the morning with occassional squeekies and stuffed toys coming flying out until he found the golden egg - a cheewy bone! (It was all he had left to chew because both myself and gavin have nearly lost 6 fingers between us and have now taken to wearing gloves in the house!) We have left his cage in the sitting room this morning with the door open and he has been wandering in for a tinkle on the mat in there. We have absolutly fallen in love with him, and you can tell Taz that yes, i think we are mad as he is a complete monster looking for trouble wherever he goes.
Will keep you updated - tomorrow is walk day, we have got him a harness and put it on a couple of times for him to get used to it - however he just wants to eat it!
Kate, Gav and the boys

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