Sunday, 20 April 2008

Evil has left the building

After yesterday’s sad news, well okay good news, but sad for me. Evil only gets a home, can you believe it, not only is someone mad enough to want him (Hope they are prepared for a life changing experience) they travelled a 700 mile, yes, 700 mile round trip. All of the years I have been on this earth, I still can not understand humans. I mean, okay travel for a gentle companion dog, but him ????. Anyway enough, as mam is getting annoyed, she said he was a baby, she also said that these people, from a place called Devon, were really nice and might not appreciate my suggestion that they need their heads seeing to. Apparently, little Buster will have a name change, I could suggest one, but The Omen comes to mind. My mam spoke to Buster’s new owners tonight and they are still in love with him, eehhhhhhhhhhhh, give it a few days, then get a life PLEASE. Anyway little chap, you have a long life ahead of you, so please enjoy it till your hearts content, I was sad to see you arrive, but hey, happy to see you go,. What next; mam seems to be avoiding answering the phone to Lynne, I wonder why ?????


Bobby said...

Well if you think he was evil, come and meet his brother the Devil himself
He wants all my toys and everything else he sees.

Cara said...

Taz how can you call him Evil.
You must know all Pawz dogs are perfect.