Thursday, 1 January 2009

ye olde shed on wheels

I asked dad where santa is now, he said he is on holiday probaby up the dales. We had a drive out and i saw a shed on wheels, i think it is santas sledge with the fairy dust off. I said to dad it looks old, dad said it was. It had a forsale sign on- so it may be his old shed on wheels. Dad said john may by that , fix it up and travel the world- like Dr dooltle


Happy new year to everyone.
What a year !. i hope this one is better. I covered my ears with my paws last night ,because i was getting sick of the fire works. All the family were here, exept dad as he was at work till today. I have made some new years resolutions not to bark at people i meet. I thought about this the other day as family from liverpool were here and they had a baby with them. I just had to keep an eye on dad playing with her and told him to be careful. No one knows but i used to live with children in the past and I know they will not hurt me ( Only adults did that).

All my family have been poorly, dad took ill over boxing day and mam is ill now so i will have to take care of her.Gemma made the dinner and told me i had to have manners.So i used a knife and fork with a little help at first.