Monday, 23 March 2009

getting carried

Okay peeps, I know I took the fun out of our pippa, but I do like to be carried, but only by may favorite human, my human sister Gemma.She came over last Sunday with her doggy, my mam and dads granddog Lucy and we went for a very long walk, they were all running around silly and I only have small legs

Anyway my favorite part, we all get home and treat time.

Then the even best bit, after tea, sleep and lots of it

Sunday, 15 March 2009

A dog meet up, well.......................

Well as you may have read on Ben the rottie's, Grumpy Bob's and Cara's post, a meet up at the beach took place this weekend. This was meant to be for the dogs to meet up.

Well, okay there was plenty of doggie peeps and all got on great. Stupid Taylor was running around silly, but I suppose who could blame him; he met up with his brother, Evo and sister, Millie, so he was excited, daft young one. I did have to tell him off mind; he was running into the sea, daft dog, but he did come back when I asked him to. You may also notice that our little pip was being carried, she said she was frightend (I think it was an excuse to get Auntie Brenda to cuddle her), I would never be frightend me, and, as for being carried, no thank you

Anyway I know the real reason, and it was not mam's burning desire to meet her lovely friend Ben the Rottie

It was for this.

Can they talk or what, humans, will never understand them, nattering away.

But I am happy as made more human friends, did not bark (Much) at Uncle Kev, was not grumpy with John or Brenda and met a great friend call Sue, from first meeting her I liked her.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

what could we do but allow him to stay, mam says adoption taking place on 15/3/09, whatever that means is it a birthday or something, now I am confused

Friday, 6 March 2009

Walking is not fun

I do not believe it, now for those who know me, you will know I like my walk in the morning and afternoon, in the woods; where I can do what I want. But anything further. Forget it..............So what did they decide to do with me, take me on a stupid long walk up the hills, I mean hills why??? I told them I would stay at home, but oh no, all the other stupid ones wanted to and mam and dad said I would be lonely, LONLEY, please just give me some peace, have you seen Taylor he never stops.

Anyway off we go up the daft hills and along the river (My Feet are killing me) Pip, Jasper, Whiskey and Taylor enjoyed it, just look at them.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Taylor has arrived

Well what a year, sorry we have not pasted for a while.

Anyway, we have a foster doggie here to stay, Taylor, he is much bigger than us and being a young one has more energy than me, anyway he is a pic and will add more soon. Ta Ta for now