Friday, 6 March 2009

Walking is not fun

I do not believe it, now for those who know me, you will know I like my walk in the morning and afternoon, in the woods; where I can do what I want. But anything further. Forget it..............So what did they decide to do with me, take me on a stupid long walk up the hills, I mean hills why??? I told them I would stay at home, but oh no, all the other stupid ones wanted to and mam and dad said I would be lonely, LONLEY, please just give me some peace, have you seen Taylor he never stops.

Anyway off we go up the daft hills and along the river (My Feet are killing me) Pip, Jasper, Whiskey and Taylor enjoyed it, just look at them.


Life With Dogs said...

You need to tell your two-leggers to buy you one of those electric kiddie ATVs so you can keep up :)

Martha Basset said...

Taylor looks as big as Ben!! That looked like a nice walk - perhaps you need new shoes if your feet were sore!
Have a good weekend.
Martha & Bailey xx

Millie said...

If you think Taylor never stops you should try staying with Cara.

You could always get taylor to give you a piggyback

Bobby said...

I think you should have a little cart, Taylor could pull it along and you could hop on or of when you felt like. Brian could knock one up in no time.

BenTheRotti said...

Ive been well trained in the art of pulling Mum up hills (she would never make it otherwise) I suggest you train Taylor to pull you up them too.. maybe you could attach his leash to a skateboard?? I'm sure he would oblige.. just ask him.. and I wouldn't worry about his energy, once he is out of the puppy stage he will become true to his breed and turn into a lazy slob, trust me on that one!

Tell Auntie Liz I am sending her huge Rotti Slobbers and Smooochies,

love and tailwags,

Ben xxxx

Cara said...

Sasha tell your mum to give my dad a ring is she wants to drag you out to the park. I sure Taylor and Millie would love to meet up.