Thursday, 10 February 2011

Dod walks.

I dont know why ? but we used to live a few minutes from the sea and then travelled about one hour to the country. Then hey ho we moved to the country and just have to cross the beck to be in the park. Today we went for a walk in the park and when we got home, dad decided he was going to the seaside (beside the sea). Anyway he asked who wanted to come so pip hid in her house and I pretended I was asleep (If you knew dads short walks you would know why) Taylor, Jasper and whiskey were keen to go. When they were out mam gave us lots of treats, but we must not tell dad that. When they came back they said they had seen John, Brenda. Pip, Bobby and Jock. Taylor was telling us he met some of pips friends and some big boys like him. I told him we had treats , so he went searching but could not find any. Ha Ha we had eaten them all. Sasha

Friday, 4 February 2011

It is Mam and Dad's wedding aniversary so they are saying they are going to have a weekend of rarley off on a weekend, but hope it does not mean daddy walks, as I prefer Mam's short walks (Maybe that is what Grandad John meant with his last comment). Anyway silly humans are gazing at a balloon whilst us dogs want to burst it. I will never understand humans...

It is really windy today. Dad and sean took us out for a walk and It was gale force winds. I wanted to go back home to go infront of the fire, but taylor (the daft dog) was jumping around wanting to go out. Dad said it would do me good as I needed to lose some weight. I thought cheeky. I dont drink wine and smoke. so yeah your all healthy arnt you. I just hope I dont have to go swimming or go on a diet. Sasha

Thursday, 3 February 2011


Hi everyone I am back. Stupid Dad forgot password. I will start putting some stories on later in the week. Hi to all my friends. Sasha