Saturday, 27 December 2008

We had xmas dinner and had to wear stupid hats. I lay down and watched my favorite film lassie.

Later in the day bri asked me ,if i would go to meet a young man with learing difficulties in a few weeks. This young man can not own a doggie but no one will let him walk any. Me and whiskey agreed to go, after Brian said were probably not fostering anymore.....YEAH.

Anyway i think i know who santa is, whos ruddolph and whos the elf.I think he has a shed on wheels which he sprinkles magic dust on and it changes into a magical sledge. Bri said santa has a blog he does in his own time, but he has been that busy-and tired at his deliverys that he hasnt done it since 23rd

wow xmas

On Xmas Eve i heard a noise and it was santa. He told me to keep an eye on all the presents , incase the unruly ones and Sean got up and began to peek at the presents. I had a sniff for mine then guarded them.

Friday, 19 December 2008

memory of our sweet Taz

Big Ned

We were really happy to see a xmas card off ned. He is doing really well with his new family in scotland.He is a handsome devil like me(dont tell him i said that).

This was really nice to see for dad, as he saw a poor dog knocked down and he tried to save her but she died in his arms. He was really upset and angry as there was lots of cars but no one would help.The poor girls family turned up and needless to say they were really upset.

Dad said this is why we must never ever go out on our own , because he would keep us safe when were out with him.I agreed with dad and made a point of telling the others

we got some new coats today. I was not amussed so i gave it to whiskey. Whiskey thought he was really cool in pink. jasper looked amased saying dont you dare.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Dad returned from work today and we told him that Santa is real. he must be as ruby went to her new home yesterday, after speaking to santa.I really wish ruby well and hopes she continues to build her confidence ( i am missing her already, wish that pippa had been rehomed instead)

Dad told us that its uncle Anths birthday(64). I asked if paris (remember her) and jojo were planning a party.Dad said if they were i would not be invited as i bark at him and bullied paris last time i saw her.I dont do that now, but i used too until i got to know him. Thinking about it i wouldnt have been able to go, as i am washing my hair anyway. Dad washes his but i dont know why he bothers( he s got none).

I have asked for Rubys address to send her a card. Bri said liz will give it to me and he would go to post office with me to post it at the weekend.Now i am starting to worry with it being xmas, as this is when some dogs need our help. I have told dad to keep the phone of the hook till after xmas, but dad said would i like being alone in a kennel at this time of year.I said no but i would just go to John and Brendas everyone else does. Anyway if xmas gets too hectic, i am going on my hols to gemmas like whiskey does.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

I got up quite early today and thought to myself - I carnt carry on calling bri and liz what i do now and thinkin about it i have been here over 18 months. So am going to call them mam and dad all the time now.

we went out and got our tree, i really enjoyed watching Mam and Dad decorate it.i told them that we needed a fairy on top and should i put whiskey up there.Dad said no. well find an angel.It set me thinking about taz .This will be our first xmas without her.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Is Santa real

Today there was ice everywhere, but hey who cares( not me today).So we jumped in the van with Bri and Liz then headed off (i knew where we were going but the others didnt).

We arrived at hamsterly and yes it was really icey, but i was really exited. we headed off into the woods for a walk, but i was ahead for once. We walked a distance and returned on the path near the river to the van.

Bri drove the van futher up and we got out to pick our xmas tree - i was really excited but they had none left in the size we wanted.So I was really unhappy so we stayed with liz, and bri went into the shop.Minutes later bri shouted for us to all come into shop. We did and bri told us to follow him. We walked into this area and i couldnt believe my eyes. Santa was sitting there and asked for our names. I could not look incase i felt he was watching me (thats when i get nervous and bark),we told him our names and we all told him what we wanted for xmas. Ruby started to cry sayin that she wanted a mam and dad that would love her forever.

Santa listened to Rubys story,then agreed to try and help her.I was in shock at seeing him.we headed off home,everyone quite happy. We all sat beside the fire to get a warm and the phone rang.Liz answered the phone and Ruby may have her wish of a forever home to go to on i will keep my pawz crossed for her.

So to everyone readin this, who thinks santa is not real. We are good dogs and saw him today.To anyone who hasnt seen him perhaps you havnt been as good as you think!

Friday, 5 December 2008

Bri and sean had been out today in the van.When they returned with a motorbike, I said to the others "stuntman must think he is evil kieneval ".

Anyway we all sat down with brian and talked about xmas.Pippa said she wanted a pink dress off santa.Whiskey said he wanted the same(WHAT).AND jasper said he wanted lots of treats.

Me and ruby sat laughing together and went into the dinning room.When we were there ruby said "is santa real". I couldnt believe she was asking such a stupid question. So i suggested she go out to hamsterley tommorow with us, bri and liz- as we are picking our xmas tree..When were there- if were good.We might get a peek through santas grotto door and see santa.Does that answer your question- " Is santa real".

Ruby then said "all I wants for xmas is for santa to get her a mam and dad that will lover her forever"

I walked away at this point, as i was getting tears in my eyes and the others would laugh at me!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Today we got up early 6.30am . Within 15 mins we were going out for a walk with liz, then bri left for work , i looked at the snow and thought DAFT.we were waiting to go out still, when bri came back in and tells liz, someone has ran into his car - sending him sideways then on two wheels.I thought STUNTMAN laughing to myself.
we waited a while until the roads were a little clearer, as it was too dangerous to walk near the road and too cold to cross the beck.So we jumped in the landrover and went to ballihope.Bri was moaning about being in pain to sean all the way. I sat and just giggled to myself- thinking even i know a car has 4 wheels and is supposed to stay on all four.
We arrived at ballihope and we noticed there were no cars or anyone anywhere to be seen.We all got out the car and began to run around- then bri said " isnt it quiet"Yeah DAFT i thought the snow is about 8 inches deep here thats why( but i kept my thought to myself).The others were running around like stupid kids on a day i just plodded around and watched.Then i had a thought!
So when we went home and liz came in,I suggested that ruby could get a home in iceland- she d be happy there the daft dog.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Brian came back from work today, whiskey was playing up and barking so brian let him in the garden. he was running around and wouldnt wait - Me and ruby watched whiskey from the door telling him to stop being stupid.But no! no one listens to me and you can guess what happened next. Brian put all our coats on then we went to the park, it was freezing and i just watched as whiskey, ruby and jasper chased the ball- Why do they do it-I think it was because i didnt want to go and they made me stay out longer. Just wait till xmas I will show them all!

Monday, 1 December 2008

Now youll see what i mean when i say i keep them all in check, they just run wild and do dares (when i am not there)-like daring each other to jump in the beck in this weather.They must be stupid with it being so cold. I think they have been hearing about pip or talking to him on the phone to get these ideas.

Today i didnt feel too well so i decided not to go for a walk and stayed infont of the fire with tootsie. you can tell i relaxed more when the unruly ones were out.just needed to get warm and feel sorry for myself.I told bri chocolate would make me better as i like chocolate, but he would not get me any ( think he only buys it for liz)

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Later in the afternoon gemma came wi michael and lucy.guess what we went out again,it had cleared a little so ruby chased lucy around and i just watched.We ruturned by plodging through the beck.I did not as i refused so i had to be carried by bri( ha serves him right). Anyway i have been practicing the computer wi brian and i did this whilst eating pork crackling.

Hi all today i wasnt too happy as liz and bri got up early had breakfast then we went for a walk.Everywhere was white with ice.We went right through the park and brian threw a ball, I just sat down and couldnt see the point of whiskey, pippa and jasper chasing for it.But that didnt last long( Even it it was liz s birthday). Everyone did as i said and wouldnt play ball so liz and bri got the message. We then went home.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Well weve all heard about pip hearing about John being a hippy in the ye olde days.But me and jasper have been watching quadraphenia so if anyone has a parker that will fit dropp me a line.

This is what i have to watch the others for like jasper thinking hes cock of the north.I think he would die if the sheep chased him. I let him think hes the boss- but hes a male and we all know who wears the trousers

Well Bri n Liz went out to get some meat. they were out a while and when they returned, I could not believe my eyes. They had returned with Ruby. I had to ask which Ruby it was as now iam getting confused. Brian told me it was ruby2. she returned through no fault of her own. She came in and made herself at home.I think she wanted to come back and see me secretly.She told me she had met some guine pigs, But the older dog she went to live with was a bit nervy around her- so it was decided best if she return here.
Today we went for a walk to Ballihope at frosterly( well named as it was freezing) we were glad to get in the van and go home.Ruby was let off the lead and i watched from a distance to make sure they all behaved.

Friday, 28 November 2008

This is another pic when we went to Scotland. We parked outside and we all were told to be good on the park and ride.When we arrived in edinburgh, we got our bearings and walked up the golden mile.We walked a few yards and jasper decided to foul the path, so brian was not amused clearing it up.we walked up the hill to the castle, getting our pic took in the century box outside. This was because the guy at the door said dogs were not allowed in.I mean the cheek of the guy,personally I think he was jealous as touists from japan and a place called america took our pictures.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Ruby got her new home and went to live in Scotland. Days later dad came in and i thought i was seeing things- Yeah rubys back. Dad said no its another girl called Ruby and boy she was older but looked her double. She needed lots of care as she was really nervous and kept running away if Bri or liz went near her. Whiskey calmed her a lot and she soon settled. She was off the lead in couple of days.Liz wanted to keep her and i asked if we could keep her and let pippa go, but Bri said no as jasper would cry his eyes out. Anyway she got her new home last weekend and has settled in well.

shortly after we took a girl called ruby on foster. She was really cool and didnt need to be told anything of me. But hey she ran after birds and I never saw Brian move so fast

Any way when we returned home, it was raining cats n dogs. Coz a couple of days later Toby came. he was a nice chap - but Bri and liz were not in the right mind so he went to another fosterer. Gladly Toby got his new home in windermere- Brian said its beautiful there and we went there last year for a hol. So we may meet up on a dog walk.

Anyway, I realised what taz had meant when she told me to keep an eye on the others.On walks I needed to keep them in line as they were stalking sheep( I think they thought it was whiskeys relations in the fields)

On nights it was cold so we went in the caravan and Brian let us sleep on the beds to keep warm with the fire on.

we went on days out and brian decided to pet a horse in the field. I was horrified thinking- "my god if they are fostering that here how will it fit in the caravan and where will it sleep". Liz told me not to worry, just brian thought he was a horse whisperer.

Hi sorry its been a while, after taz passed away we were all in shock. heres some of our holiday pictures that we took in scotland.we visited edinbourgh and went for some long walks up the hills. I had trouble walking up some of then so brian carried me ( to the summit it felt like) and i kept an eye on the others as there was loads of sheep around.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

We are back

Okay it is me Sasha, Taz told me to take over her blog for her. I miss Taz alot and did not realise how much she took control of the unruly ones, PIP for example, the little whipper snapper. Will be back soon

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Taz our darling, she crossed over at 7.45 pm 25 august 2008. This site will still continue in her memory and her doggy friends will speak for her. Go and walk with the angels our angel, you have meant and done so much in your 17 years. We are in pain now, but know that your strength will keep us going. Thank you Taz from the bottom of our hearts, you have done so much for us we can not say.................please give barney, sasha, suzie, and snowy a big lick, you were their boss in the living world so we know they are waiting at that gate for your instructions. Love you always our best friend ever xxx

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Well, how many visitors do I need, remember I am old, look what has arrived
well Cracker has found his new home, with a lovely lady in Scotland, my mam was saying that their are alot of very nice people in Scotland, this is the place Ned is now living (miss you still big boy)

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Well 3 weeks on and guess what, they still have not packed in fostering, along comes this chap, Cracker is his name, but please do not tell people, but I do think he is a real cracker
Well guys Bruno got a great home, he went to live with a person call Deb, she has two other Shitzues and my mam says she is really, really nice.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Bruno the nice boy with a bad habit

A couple of days ago, mam and dad were talking, and they said they were going to stop fostering dogs. I thought, yipeeeeee, more time for us. Anyway, Mam rang Lynne and told her, Lynne was great about it, as mam does something called the website, and Lynne thought it would give more time for that. WELL LYNN, what happened two hours later???? A phone call (More talking) that is what. Then the next day along comes Bruno. However, I have to say he is a lovely little chap, I like the older ones. BUT he is so funny, to a point where he is quite rude. He is a nice guy, but has a very bad habit; when he has his breakfast and tea, he does rude thing to his dog blanket, and it lasts for about 1-hour. When I saw him doing this, I had to put my paws over my eyes, I simply do not know how his blanket has out stood the test of time, mind there are a few holes in it.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Evil, Rodney or the trotters

Another update from the trotters, sorry mean evils new mam and dad:-

Hi there again guys, Hope you are all well, and you are not missing baby too much! As promised a picture of the boys - chasing each other around the garden. They get on so well and it is a treat to see them playing. Rodney is learning quickly from Derick and we have had some sucessful garden 1's and 2's. He is enjoying his walks and wants to be friends with anyone who walks past.

god luck little man, I am sure you have a full happy life in frount of you xx