Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Dad returned from work today and we told him that Santa is real. he must be as ruby went to her new home yesterday, after speaking to santa.I really wish ruby well and hopes she continues to build her confidence ( i am missing her already, wish that pippa had been rehomed instead)

Dad told us that its uncle Anths birthday(64). I asked if paris (remember her) and jojo were planning a party.Dad said if they were i would not be invited as i bark at him and bullied paris last time i saw her.I dont do that now, but i used too until i got to know him. Thinking about it i wouldnt have been able to go, as i am washing my hair anyway. Dad washes his but i dont know why he bothers( he s got none).

I have asked for Rubys address to send her a card. Bri said liz will give it to me and he would go to post office with me to post it at the weekend.Now i am starting to worry with it being xmas, as this is when some dogs need our help. I have told dad to keep the phone of the hook till after xmas, but dad said would i like being alone in a kennel at this time of year.I said no but i would just go to John and Brendas everyone else does. Anyway if xmas gets too hectic, i am going on my hols to gemmas like whiskey does.

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Bobby said...

You are right there, but of corse you are welcome here anytime. I saw you on the dog walk you were not grumpy at all