Thursday, 4 December 2008

Today we got up early 6.30am . Within 15 mins we were going out for a walk with liz, then bri left for work , i looked at the snow and thought DAFT.we were waiting to go out still, when bri came back in and tells liz, someone has ran into his car - sending him sideways then on two wheels.I thought STUNTMAN laughing to myself.
we waited a while until the roads were a little clearer, as it was too dangerous to walk near the road and too cold to cross the beck.So we jumped in the landrover and went to ballihope.Bri was moaning about being in pain to sean all the way. I sat and just giggled to myself- thinking even i know a car has 4 wheels and is supposed to stay on all four.
We arrived at ballihope and we noticed there were no cars or anyone anywhere to be seen.We all got out the car and began to run around- then bri said " isnt it quiet"Yeah DAFT i thought the snow is about 8 inches deep here thats why( but i kept my thought to myself).The others were running around like stupid kids on a day i just plodded around and watched.Then i had a thought!
So when we went home and liz came in,I suggested that ruby could get a home in iceland- she d be happy there the daft dog.

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Bobby said...

Your snow looks very deep, so prity to look out at. But I dont like going out in it. Sorry for you Brian hope you have got over theshock now.