Sunday, 30 November 2008

Later in the afternoon gemma came wi michael and lucy.guess what we went out again,it had cleared a little so ruby chased lucy around and i just watched.We ruturned by plodging through the beck.I did not as i refused so i had to be carried by bri( ha serves him right). Anyway i have been practicing the computer wi brian and i did this whilst eating pork crackling.

Hi all today i wasnt too happy as liz and bri got up early had breakfast then we went for a walk.Everywhere was white with ice.We went right through the park and brian threw a ball, I just sat down and couldnt see the point of whiskey, pippa and jasper chasing for it.But that didnt last long( Even it it was liz s birthday). Everyone did as i said and wouldnt play ball so liz and bri got the message. We then went home.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Well weve all heard about pip hearing about John being a hippy in the ye olde days.But me and jasper have been watching quadraphenia so if anyone has a parker that will fit dropp me a line.

This is what i have to watch the others for like jasper thinking hes cock of the north.I think he would die if the sheep chased him. I let him think hes the boss- but hes a male and we all know who wears the trousers

Well Bri n Liz went out to get some meat. they were out a while and when they returned, I could not believe my eyes. They had returned with Ruby. I had to ask which Ruby it was as now iam getting confused. Brian told me it was ruby2. she returned through no fault of her own. She came in and made herself at home.I think she wanted to come back and see me secretly.She told me she had met some guine pigs, But the older dog she went to live with was a bit nervy around her- so it was decided best if she return here.
Today we went for a walk to Ballihope at frosterly( well named as it was freezing) we were glad to get in the van and go home.Ruby was let off the lead and i watched from a distance to make sure they all behaved.

Friday, 28 November 2008

This is another pic when we went to Scotland. We parked outside and we all were told to be good on the park and ride.When we arrived in edinburgh, we got our bearings and walked up the golden mile.We walked a few yards and jasper decided to foul the path, so brian was not amused clearing it up.we walked up the hill to the castle, getting our pic took in the century box outside. This was because the guy at the door said dogs were not allowed in.I mean the cheek of the guy,personally I think he was jealous as touists from japan and a place called america took our pictures.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Ruby got her new home and went to live in Scotland. Days later dad came in and i thought i was seeing things- Yeah rubys back. Dad said no its another girl called Ruby and boy she was older but looked her double. She needed lots of care as she was really nervous and kept running away if Bri or liz went near her. Whiskey calmed her a lot and she soon settled. She was off the lead in couple of days.Liz wanted to keep her and i asked if we could keep her and let pippa go, but Bri said no as jasper would cry his eyes out. Anyway she got her new home last weekend and has settled in well.

shortly after we took a girl called ruby on foster. She was really cool and didnt need to be told anything of me. But hey she ran after birds and I never saw Brian move so fast

Any way when we returned home, it was raining cats n dogs. Coz a couple of days later Toby came. he was a nice chap - but Bri and liz were not in the right mind so he went to another fosterer. Gladly Toby got his new home in windermere- Brian said its beautiful there and we went there last year for a hol. So we may meet up on a dog walk.

Anyway, I realised what taz had meant when she told me to keep an eye on the others.On walks I needed to keep them in line as they were stalking sheep( I think they thought it was whiskeys relations in the fields)

On nights it was cold so we went in the caravan and Brian let us sleep on the beds to keep warm with the fire on.

we went on days out and brian decided to pet a horse in the field. I was horrified thinking- "my god if they are fostering that here how will it fit in the caravan and where will it sleep". Liz told me not to worry, just brian thought he was a horse whisperer.

Hi sorry its been a while, after taz passed away we were all in shock. heres some of our holiday pictures that we took in scotland.we visited edinbourgh and went for some long walks up the hills. I had trouble walking up some of then so brian carried me ( to the summit it felt like) and i kept an eye on the others as there was loads of sheep around.