Saturday, 6 December 2008

Is Santa real

Today there was ice everywhere, but hey who cares( not me today).So we jumped in the van with Bri and Liz then headed off (i knew where we were going but the others didnt).

We arrived at hamsterly and yes it was really icey, but i was really exited. we headed off into the woods for a walk, but i was ahead for once. We walked a distance and returned on the path near the river to the van.

Bri drove the van futher up and we got out to pick our xmas tree - i was really excited but they had none left in the size we wanted.So I was really unhappy so we stayed with liz, and bri went into the shop.Minutes later bri shouted for us to all come into shop. We did and bri told us to follow him. We walked into this area and i couldnt believe my eyes. Santa was sitting there and asked for our names. I could not look incase i felt he was watching me (thats when i get nervous and bark),we told him our names and we all told him what we wanted for xmas. Ruby started to cry sayin that she wanted a mam and dad that would love her forever.

Santa listened to Rubys story,then agreed to try and help her.I was in shock at seeing him.we headed off home,everyone quite happy. We all sat beside the fire to get a warm and the phone rang.Liz answered the phone and Ruby may have her wish of a forever home to go to on i will keep my pawz crossed for her.

So to everyone readin this, who thinks santa is not real. We are good dogs and saw him today.To anyone who hasnt seen him perhaps you havnt been as good as you think!

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Bobby said...

Ho Ho Ho no no no santa paws