Thursday, 1 January 2009


Happy new year to everyone.
What a year !. i hope this one is better. I covered my ears with my paws last night ,because i was getting sick of the fire works. All the family were here, exept dad as he was at work till today. I have made some new years resolutions not to bark at people i meet. I thought about this the other day as family from liverpool were here and they had a baby with them. I just had to keep an eye on dad playing with her and told him to be careful. No one knows but i used to live with children in the past and I know they will not hurt me ( Only adults did that).

All my family have been poorly, dad took ill over boxing day and mam is ill now so i will have to take care of her.Gemma made the dinner and told me i had to have manners.So i used a knife and fork with a little help at first.


Martha Basset said...

Glad you are there to look after the family. Not sure about the knife and fork - wont it slow down your eating? Your New Year's resolution sounds good but you do still to need to have some fun barking.
We had fireworks in Scotland too and didn't like them - not one little bit!
love Martha & Bailey xx

Bobby said...

Aw those fireworks I was so frightend I shook all night.
Happy new year to all.