Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Big Ned

Hey ho, we had a quiet time for a few weeks, then guess what happened, we where nedded, big boy Ned, my fav of all times. He was such a softie, even put up with the pest, pippa. Ned had been let down as a pup, he was not given the lead training, so at 5 years old and 10 stone, he pulled quite a few people off their feet. He had lived with three foster carers, John being one and we know John and Brenda had also been nedded, they loved him dearly. Basically, we were lucky to have Ned with us (Only because we did not live very close to a city, so Ned could have lead training without the stress of lots of traffic), John and Brenda had worked really hard with Ned and he was walking better when he came. Intially, Ned was only coming for a short while, whilst John and Brenda were visiting family, but when they returned, John Brenda, Mam and Dad had a talk and they agreed Ned would stay here. Now John, Brenda, Mam and Dad are good friends and my mam seems to never be off the phone to them. This foster carry on is all about supporting each other and that seems to be what they do (I can not understand humans myself, why do they need to talk for hours). Anyway back to my Ned, this poor boy was with pawz for nearly 10 months, and we thought her would end up a permanent fixture here. But, unfortunately for me, these good people, from Scotland, met Ned and he is now living with them, they have even changed his name to Glen (Why, he is my Ned and always will be) I suppose if he is happy that is the main thing. My mam and dad seemed very sad when Ned left, I can understand this as he was fab, mam even cried, the big softy

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BenTheRotti said...

Hi Taz,

Mum is so happy to see Ned's photo (Glen now I know, but in Mum's heart he will always be Ned)
Mum absolutely fell head over heels with this boy and for a time I suspected I may be getting a brother!! seriously.. I thought Mum was just going to run to your house one day and take him. Thank goodness he finally found his forever home, I don't think there is room in this house for two handsome black devils!!

Ben xxxx