Wednesday, 11 March 2009

what could we do but allow him to stay, mam says adoption taking place on 15/3/09, whatever that means is it a birthday or something, now I am confused


Totally Timmy said...

aww..a new member of the family. What a lucky dog he is! He looks like alot of fun!

Bobby said...

I won my bet,there was never any way you would let him go.

BenTheRotti said...

I won and I'm collecting my 500 dog biscuits! I KNEW you couldn't let that boy go... what a lucky boy Taylor is.. he just bagged himself the best furever family!!!

love, licks and tailwags,

Ben xxxxx

Martha Basset said...

Congratulations!!! From reading the posts it did seem that there were those who knew you thought Taylor had found his home!!
So pleased for Taylor!!!
love and best wishes
Martha & Bailey xx