Sunday, 15 March 2009

A dog meet up, well.......................

Well as you may have read on Ben the rottie's, Grumpy Bob's and Cara's post, a meet up at the beach took place this weekend. This was meant to be for the dogs to meet up.

Well, okay there was plenty of doggie peeps and all got on great. Stupid Taylor was running around silly, but I suppose who could blame him; he met up with his brother, Evo and sister, Millie, so he was excited, daft young one. I did have to tell him off mind; he was running into the sea, daft dog, but he did come back when I asked him to. You may also notice that our little pip was being carried, she said she was frightend (I think it was an excuse to get Auntie Brenda to cuddle her), I would never be frightend me, and, as for being carried, no thank you

Anyway I know the real reason, and it was not mam's burning desire to meet her lovely friend Ben the Rottie

It was for this.

Can they talk or what, humans, will never understand them, nattering away.

But I am happy as made more human friends, did not bark (Much) at Uncle Kev, was not grumpy with John or Brenda and met a great friend call Sue, from first meeting her I liked her.


Martha Basset said...

What a great day you all had! It has been really nice seeing the pictures on the different blogs.
Martha & Bailey xx
PS It is only Bailey who had the makeover I am still a dog - Martha x

BenTheRotti said...

Hi Sasha,

It was really great meeting you all.. especially your Mum she is my very own guardian angel you know!
Mum thought you were just adorable, and she also thought you were very polite and forgiving when I pushed her over in the sand on top of you!! Sorry about that, It was just too good an opportunity to miss.. Mum flat on her face is ALWAYS funny!

love Ben xxx

peeeS: Millie sends puppy kisses xxx

Bobby said...

Yes, I know why John was not going to take me. The humans never stoped talking. I could not get a bark in edgeways even.

Cara said...

It was great fun.
Taylor is lovely you be nice to him or I will get your mum to send you here for a week.

Anonymous said...

wow, looks like you had a great day, Sasha.
Cassie is so upset she couldn't come, poor her, it's another 6-7weeks until her legs will (finger and paws crossed) be fully recovered! She's glad you all had a good time though!
Chelsea x